Originally titled “The Gools”, the animation has been renamed “Kung Fu Gools” for its Chinese premiere.

Chinese director Wang, who has helped make the movie suitable for the Chinese audience, has said that he is happy to have collaborated with the Iranian team on the production.

“The Iranian screenplay attracted me quickly and I wanted to cooperate in this project. I hope the Chinese audience will like the film,” he said.

Chinese producer Jin Yang has also stated that the Iranian team has worked on the project professionally, and the animation would be very interesting for the Chinese filmgoers.

He estimated that the animation “Kung Fu Gools” will earn about $21m in box office receipts in China.

The film is a rewriting of an ancient legend of the Orient that has been created in an attractive atmosphere. The ancient legend is the story of a goat living with her kids Shangul, Mangul, and Habbeye Angur, and a wolf in their neighborhood.

After learning to protect a truce among a community of animals, three young goats embark on an adventurous journey to keep a ceasefire intact throughout their society.

There is a fragile ceasefire between predators and prey which has been protected by the anonymous Ninja Warrior named Red Shadow. 

One day, the wolf who is tired of vegetarian recipes decides to find a legal detour to hunt some little goats without breaking the truce and risking a reaction by the Red shadow. But he doesn’t know that these little goats are the students of the Martial Arts school that trains little animals in self-defense by encouraging their inner talents to flourish.

Source: Tehran Times