Homayoun Asadian, a cinema director, said that  “Most likely, the funeral of the Iranian artist will take place tomorrow on Monday.”

Asghar Abdullahi was born in Abadan in 1955. Abdollahi wrote 30 screenplays, 4 stories, and one novel in his  30 years of professional life.  He was also awarded for " Quiet House" as the best screenplay at Fajr Festival.

" Dowrey for Robab", "stranger", " stranger sisters", " For Haniyeh", " In the perfection of Calmness", "Umbrella for two persons", " Sunglasses", "Blue", "The foggy port" are some of the screenplays written by him.

"The sun lost in the darkness of war", "behind that fog", " Cannot make of the mat", "Sad rainy blues", " Hamlet in drizzling" are some of the literary works as well.

Abdollahi also directed " One canary one crow" in 2015.

Honar Online extends its condolences on the death of this Iranian screenwriter and novelist to his family and the country's art community.