The film received the Best Feature Film Award, Best Audience Award and NETPAC Award of the Italian event, ISNA wrote.

In a message to the festival, Dormishian said, “These awards belong to each and every member of the production team who accompanied me during the difficult conditions of making this film.  I am grateful to the jury panel, the secretary of the festival and the distributor of the film.

These awards are valuable to me, so I dedicate them to my mother, doctors, the health workers and the medical community, who worked hard during the last year.”

The film centers on a 16-year-old homeless girl who repeatedly works as a surrogate mother for money. A human rights attorney tries to rescue her, but inevitably faces difficulties.

The film took part at Tokyo International Film Festival from October 31 to November 9.

A review by the Japanese festival said: “Reza Dormishian is one of the most original directors in Iranian cinema, and ‘No Choice’ is another example of his ability to enthrall with hard-hitting social critique. Though it doesn’t land the punch in the stomach that made audiences take notice of ‘I’m Not Angry!’ and ‘Lantouri’, the story is an engrossing, well-made and well-acted human rights drama cum legal procedural set in the world of Tehran’s homeless population.”

According to, the Italian festival aims to enrich the cinematographic experience with other cultural expressions and foster knowledge about social, economic and political issues around the Eastern continent.

The event, which began on December 18, concluded on December 23, with the award-giving ceremony. This year, screenings of the selected films were held virtually, owing to the ongoing pandemic.

Source: Iarn Daily