The head of the academy, Alireza Esmaeili, announced his permanent membership in the cultural body.

According to a report by IRNA, Nassirian became a permanent member of the academy at the suggestion of the specialized group of drama and dramatic literature, and with the approval of the academy’s General Assembly.

The announcement reads: “With regard to the resolution of the 15th session of the General Assembly of the Iranian Academy of Arts, and in view of the valuable merits and experiences and several years of praiseworthy efforts in creating magnificent and lasting works in the field of performing arts, you are appointed a permanent member.”

The 85-year-old Nassirian is one of the few Iranian actors whose age failed to prevent him from working and he is still at the pinnacle of his cinematic and dramatic career.

Along with some other cineastes in the 1960s, Nassirian created the Iranian New Wave cinema.

He assumed unforgettable roles in films in the years following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in TV programs, namely, ‘Sarbadars’ (head on gallows) directed by Mohammad Ali Najafi; ‘Hezar Dastan’ by Ali Hatami; ‘The Scent of Joseph’s Shirt’ by Ebrahim Hatamikia; and ‘Mirza Norouz’s Shoes’ by Mohammad Motevaselani.

He also played in the home video ‘Shahrzad,’ which attracted a large audience.

After six decades of continuous activity in the theater, cinema and television, he still has a strong motivation to be active and believes humans should work until the very last moment of their lives.

Source: Iran Daily