In this call, professors, filmmakers, students and researchers in the field of Iranian cinema, both domestic and foreign, are invited to participate in this research event.
In order to register for this event, the researchers should send the "title" and the "abstract" of their works to the Secretariat of the award from November 21th, until December 21th, 2020, through the website.
The full texts of the works whose abstracts are accepted must be sent to the special E-mail of the Secretariat (  by February 28th, 2021.

Also in this event, some prizes are considered for the selected works as Statuette, tablet of and: 

 • 350,000,000 Iranian Rials  in cash for "the best research project"
• 200,000,000 Rials in cash for "the best Ph.D. dissertation"
• 140,000,000 Rials in cash "for the best M.A thesis" 
• 200,000,000 Rials in cash for "the best research article"
• 200,000,000 Rials in cash for "the best Visual Research"
• "Top Analytical Note" to answer the question "What is the most important issue of Iranian cinema and its solution?": Special Jury Prize

The abstract of the top contributions will be published as a “booklet” and the articles obtaining highest scores will be published in a "national academic journal", or by a "major international publisher" in the form of an edited volume.

For more information, please visit the website of the event at: