“The Enemies” by Ali Derakhshandeh about the loneliness of a middle-aged woman will be competing in the First Feature Competition category.  

In the Kids Animation Competition, “Eaten” by Mohsen Rezapur will be screened.

The story of “Eaten” is set on a mysterious, unknown planet, in which a rabbit-like creature is eaten by a wolf. It meets another rabbit-like creature in the wolf’s stomach and they begin a new life with each other, but that’s not the end of the story.

“Crab” by Shiva Sadeq-Asadi is an entry to the Shorts Animation Competition. 

The movie tells the story of a shy schoolboy who is interested in performing in a play with his school’s theater troupe. But the only part offered to him is to play the role of a crab.

“The Third Person” by Puya Aminpuri will also be competing in the New Talents Competition.

The film tells the story of a patient who runs away from a mental asylum in Iran’s northern forests, and the units of two nearby police stations are looking for him on the roads.

Iranian director Narges Abyar’s acclaimed drama “When the Moon Was Full” received the audience award at the 23rd edition of the festival last year. 

The film tells the story of a woman from Tehran who marries a man from an Iranian province near the border of Pakistan. Soon after, she discovers that her new brother-in-law is a religious extremist trying to recruit her husband for his bloody cause.

Source: Tehran Times