A veteran of cinema, television and photography, Akbar Alemi passed away on Tuesday, October 13, due to coronary disease.

Ardeshir Alemi, the son of Akbar Alemi, announced the news of his father's death on his personal Instagram page, and wrote: "The father left; He was not only my father, he was the father of several generations of Iran; the impact of his existence will last for years".

According to Ardeshir Alemi, the time and conditions of his father's funeral will be announced.

Akbar Alemi, was born in Ahvaz – south of Iran - educated in the field of cinema from Dramatic Arts College and received his doctorate of cinema from England.

When scientific, philosophical and intellectual frameworks in the attitude towards cinema in Iran were forgotten, by performing the TV programs "other side of the coin", "The Seventh Art" and "Cinema Beyond" Alemi kept the current alive.

The late Alemi was also one of the pioneers of scientific documentation in Iran and offered new solutions in the documentary genre in Iran. He has authored and translated many books in the field of cinema, photography and animation.

TV presenter and expert, professor at Tarbiat Modares University. An Iranian director that most of his works have been presented in the documentary genre, member of the Academy of Arts from 2007 to 2010, also a member of The Academy of Persian Language and Literature.

Honar Online extends its condolences on the death of this Iranian cinema director to his family and the country's cinema community.