The first section of this cinematic event was allocated to Health Defenders.

Over 1,500 films were submitted to the secretariat of the event in about 4 months.  

Several acclaimed Iranian artists including Abolfazl Jalili, Hadi Naeiji, Fariba Kousari, Pouran Derakhshandeh, Ensiyeh Shah Hosseini as well as Giti Khameneh, etc. were among the jury members of this section.

One of the outstanding events of this festival was displaying the films of the “Health Defenders” section in Video-on-demand (VOD) format in the Nama Film platform aimed at appreciating the physicians and nurses who are combating coronavirus.    

The Candidates of the short story were "Don't Worry" by Mana Pak Seresht, "Last Meeting" by Mohammad Mahdi Fekrian, "Linebreaker" by Amir Masoud Eslah, "Mask" by Dr. Sweta Kumar Dash, "Gratitude" by Jorge Salgado Ponce, "My Mom" by Rakesh Moirangthem from India. Eventually, the “Last Meeting" managed to win the top prize of this section.      

The candidates for the Short Documentary section were "In the Silence of Night" by Mahdi Amini and Javad Yaqmouri, "Block 65" by Vahid Hosseini Nami, "Italy Lockdown: How the Coronavirus Has Forever Changed Our Lives" by Carla Falzeron, Sacha Biazo, Simon from Italy, "From the Window" by Angelica Gerigoria, "Volunteer" by Nasrin Goudarzi. Finally, "In the Silence of Night" managed to win the top prize of this section.

The Animation Candidates were "White Stones" by Fatemeh Hosseini, "The Saviour" by Arjun Mukherjee by India, “Don't Panic Man”  by Saheel from India, and eventually "The Saviour" won the top prize.

The Motion Graphic Candidates were "Coronavirus" by Shahram Beigi, "Coronavirus" by Hamed Barei, Pouya Raeisi and "2020 Pandemic" Leila Rostami Shokouh. Eventually, "Coronavirus" won the top prize in this section.

The Video Clips Candidates were "Done Day Again" by Mehran Alavi,” Laylat al-Qadr or the Night of Destiny" by Farshid Faraji and
"Fragile" by Emiliano Leon. Finally, "Done Day Again" snatched the top prize of this section.

Source: Mehr News