Head of the Cinema Organization of Iran, Hossein Entezami, said it is expected that there would be enough films to participate in the upcoming Fajr Film Festival, but the coronavirus might affect everything and in case the number of films will not reach a minimum, the festival may be canceled.

Speaking about the screening of the film, ‘Hussein Who Said No,’ by Ahmadreza Darvish during the lunar month of Muharram, Entezami said, “The permit to release this film in a home video was issued last year; its online release is not prohibited; it depends on the decision of the film owners.”

Since the beginning of the year, the organization has approved 39 production permits, of which 21 were for professional directors, and 18 for first-time directors, Entezami added.

Regarding the listing of cinemas in the stock market, Entezami said, “The fact that cultural products and even brands enter the stock market should be welcomed by everyone because they create more capacity and positive competition.”

Source: Iran Daily