“My father was in Firuzgar Hospital in Tehran for a month and died of a stroke this morning,” his son Mohammad said.

Purmokhber made his debut in acting in 1996 by playing a cameo in director Majid Majidi’s acclaimed drama “Children of Heaven”. However, he shot to fame years after with his roles in director/actor Reza Attaran’s comic series “Sour and Sweet” and “The Suspect Ran Away”.

He received a nomination for the best actor award for his role in “Sour and Sweet” at the Hafez Awards, Iran’s first and only private awards in the film industry and TV productions.

He was most liked for his sweetness and that is why he was also selected to play in comic series and comedies.

His roles in films such as “Women Are Angels”, “Milk and Honey”, “Shy Groom”, “Big Trouble” and “The Outcasts” are also remembered well.

He last appeared in director Saleh Deldam’s movie “Goose Kebab”. 

Source: Tehran Times