‘The Crab’ is about a shy boy who wants to be a member of the school theater group, but the only role he is offered is the role of a crab.

‘Am I a Wolf?’ depicts a number of students who are performing a play called ‘The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats.’ The child who plays the wolf knows he will be defeated and feels lonely and irritated. He takes his role too seriously. There is a bit of chaos. In the end, the presence of other children and his friends next to him take him out of this gloomy atmosphere.

In the competition section of the 18th edition of the festival, 59 works from different countries were selected. These 59 works are the representatives of the 2,339 entries in total that will vie at four competition programs, ISNA reported.

The 18th edition of the Oscar-qualifying festival will take place August 20-24 at JMS Aster Plaza. Established by Renzo Kinoshita and Sayoko Kinoshita, the celebrated event gathers the international community together every two years under the perennial slogan of “Love and Peace.”

Source: Iran Daily