'Return' by Mostafa Gholami, 'The Father of Trees' by Teimour Ghaderi, 'Fewer' by Mohammad Zamani, 'Paradise' by Reza Moayedi, and 'Condemned' by Nima Daneshmand will take part at the seventh edition of the International Festival of One-Minute and Short Film in Serbia.

Mister Vorky is an International Festival of One-Minute and Short films, which promotes the best one-minute and short films from all continents. The organizers of the festival are the Independent Film Center Vorky Team, which in this way pays tribute to the great Serbian-American film artist Slavko Vorkapich-Vorky. The goal of the Festival is a presentation of one-minute and short films that are innovative, different, experimental, and brave in exploring film language. 

The 7th edition of the Festival will be held on 19-23 August 2020in Ruma, Serbia.

Source: Mehr News