Copper Notes of a Dream is about a ten-year-old Palestinian refugee, Malook, who lives in Jarmuk, a suburb of Damascus in Syria, which is ruined during the war with ISIS. Malook dreams of becoming a singer. Together with his older sister Ghofran, he is planning to organize a concert with professional musicians. 

To earn money for the concert, Malook and some friends pull the copper lines out of the walls of empty buildings that are riddled with bullets and rockets and write apologies for their theft on the walls, in the hope that people who have fled ever return.

The film received a special mention for Best Feature Documentary Director at the 22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People in Greece.

The award was granted to the Iranian documentary due to its emphasis "on the right of the children to have dreams – even and especially in the condition of war."

According to The Greek Observer, the Olympia film festival “combines entertainment with education, introduces young people to cinema and introduces them to the most important, award-winning films from all over the world, while at the same time encouraging them to make their own.”

The 22nd edition of the event was held on Nov. 30 to Dec. 7, 2019. 

Source: Mehr News