The series is about the life story of the Iranian companion of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (S), Salman Farsi. 

Actor Ali Reza Shoja-Nuri will portray Salman’s middle-age and old-age, while actors Farhad Aslani, Mohammadreza Hedayati and Mohammad Feili will also collaborate on the project. 

The crew will soon move to the locations on Qeshm Island in southern Iran to continue filming the series, which is being produced by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). 

The story of the series will be recounted in three seasons starting with Ancient Iran, followed by the Byzantine Empire and finally early Islam. 

Salman Farsi was one of several individuals of Persian origin residing in Arabia, probably as a consequence of Sassanid involvement in Yemen. He was among the freedmen (mawali) of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and became the model of Persian converts and the symbol of the role that Persia and Persians would play in the future of Islam.

According to certain traditional narrations, Salman Farsi was the first who translated parts of the Holy Quran into Persian during the 7th century.

Mirbagheri has earlier estimated that the series would take about five years to complete.

Source:Tehran Times