The animation is about a woolen old man and his stages of life as a metaphor for everyone’s lives.

The title is being considered for the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at the 12th edition of Montevideo Fantastic Film Festival in Uruguay.

The Montevideo Fantastic Film Festival is the first film festival in Uruguay dedicated to the dissemination of national and international works, related to horror, fantasy and science fiction genres. Its objective, according to the event’s organizers, is to annually present independent and ultra-independent productions that are often considered minor with limited access to the commercial and cultural circuit.

The Festival has sections dedicated to short and long feature films in competition, as well as exhibitions and parallel shows where classics are exhibited, also as a tribute to different figures of the genre and presented by various specialists.

The event opened in Montevideo on December 11 and will wrap up on December 28, 2019.

Source: Mehr News