Funfair is a short film about members of a family who risk their lives to earn more money in order to escape a life of destitution.

The Iran/Canada co-production won the Directors without Borders award at the sixth edition of Discover Film Awards in London, UK.

The Discover Film Awards, a London film festival, is one of the biggest short film festivals in the world with 5,000 submissions annually from over 100 countries. The film festival has the biggest short film cash prize fund of $50,000, including the prestigious Craghoppers Film Prize, according to the events organizers.

Films are screened to cinema audiences in 100 minute “tutti frutti” packages with a diverse mix of short films such as an animation, a documentary, an action film, a sci-fi, a drama and a comedy.

Discover Film looks for the short films whose stories share a glimpse of the lives of filmmakers, according to the events website.

Source: Mehr News