Watercolor Girl won the Best Cinematographer award for Arash Sadeghi in the October edition of American Golden Picture International Film Festival in the US.

Speaking to Mehr about this accomplishment, Sadeghi stated that the film was produced on an extremely tight budget. 

"At a time when we are busy with virtual relationships, there are some instances of love nearby that we are unaware of and it will be too late too soon," reads the synopsis for 'Watercolor Girl'.

Another Iranian short film, It Rains for You, directed by Mohammad Mehdi Delkhasteh, won the Best First-Time Filmmaker award at this edition of the festival.

The American Golden Picture International Film Festival is a yearly event structured in monthly contests.

The physical live screening of the festival happens just once every year with an award ceremony in front of the audience.

The judges in each month will select the films, give the best one an award, then for yearly screening they will choose the best of the best among all the monthly winners for the physical annual live screening, according to the event's website. 

Source: Mehr News