Am I a Wolf depicts children performing in school the familiar story of a wolf attacking herd animals. The scenes central to the piece is a nanny goat in grief for losing the yeanlings and an angry wolf facing each other.

The Iranian animated piece will compete with 32 other titles in the short film international competition section of the festival.

The fifth edition of BIT BANG International Festival of Animation, Video Games and Digital Art will be held from September 25 to 29, 2019, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

BIT BANG disseminates and promotes innovative artistic proposals, experimental and authorial through projections, exhibitions and competitions, according to the events website.

Am I A Wolf? has recently won the Grand Prize “Light of ASIA” at the 15th Indie-AniFest Korea Independent Animation Film Festival in South Korea, as well as the grand prix of the 12th Paris International Film Festival in France.

Source: Mehr News