Experiencing its fourth international screening, It Rains for You will take part in the festival, which will be held in the city of Alter do Chao from October 21-27.

The yellow leaves do not fall because of autumn; you are supposed to pass this alley, so they want to carpet your path … Sparrows do not sing out of habit, they are training to sing to welcome you, a synopsis for the short film reads.

The film has previously taken part in Florence Film Awards and Religion Today Festival in Trento as well as the International Children’s Film Festival in Bangladesh and the first YVE International Film Festival in China.

Alter do Chao Film Festival is an exhibition of films produced throughout Brazil’s national territory, as well as Amazonian and international regions.

The seven-day event will include performances of the rich Amazonian folklore and musical shows of great artists who inspire and spread the Amazon around the world.

Source: Mehr News