Orange Days by Arash Lahuti, Dressage by Puya Badkubeh and Reza by Alireza Motamedi are among the films.

Orange Days tells the story of Aban, the only female contractor in the cutthroat and male-dominated orange harvesting industry, who enters a competition to win a large contract.

Dressage is about Golsa and her friends who rob a corner shop. But while evaluating the booty, they are dismayed to realize that they forgot to take the security camera footage. One of them must return to the crime scene and retrieve it. The vote falls on Golsa, who bravely completes the mission. Her friends’ behavior makes her think, and she hides the hard drive somewhere in secret. But her accomplices and their well-to-do families, worried about their social standing, put more and more pressure on Golsa.

Reza tells the story of a divorced man named Reza who is trying to adapt to his new life after a divorce while he finds a new romance.

The lineup also includes The Dark Room by Ruhollah Hejazi, Hat-Trick by Ramtin Lavafi and Invasion by Shahram Mokri.

The Dark Room is about Haleh and Farhad, who together with their 5-year-old son, Amir, have been recently moved into a new complex. Amir gets lost in the desert in front of the complex, however, his parents find him soon. Later, Amir tells his father that someone has seen his body and this makes Farhad very upset, and he searches for a suspect who has sexually harassed his little boy.

Hat-Trick is about Farzad, a young man who hits something with his car while returning from a party with his wife and two friends. After a long discussion, they leave the scene all confused and frightened, and go to the house of one of their friends to think it over and do the right thing. But their initial talk about the accident is soon replaced by discussions of hidden secrets.

Invasion is about Saman who has been murdered and the police are investigating in a club, the scene of the crime. They have arrested Ali as the murder suspect and are trying to uncover the method used in the murder. However, the case becomes quite complicated and the friends of the murdered person are not very cooperative.

The lineup of short films will be announced in the near future.

The festival is organized every year by Yari, an Uppsala-based charity organization that helps street children in Iran to go to school and also raises funds for the construction of schools and libraries for children.

Source: Tehran Times