Women with Gunpowder Earrings won the grand prix, the audience award and the diploma of the main section of the 14th International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF in Moldova.

Women with Gunpowder Earrings is about Noor Al Helli, an Iraqi female journalist, who covers stories about Syrian and Iraqi women and children in the war against ISIL terrorists.

The documentary has previously won the main award of the 16th Signes de Nuit international film festival in France, and the Best Documentary Award at the 8th ÍRÁN:CI, the Festival of Iranian Films in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

Women with Gunpowder Earrings provides a truly honest and arresting portrait of war and its true meaning to the civilians who live every second of their lives in absolute fear, according to ÍRÁN:CI.

Source: Mehr News