The film in the fiction category is In Perspective by Arshia Zeinali. It is a story about humans or human beings that takes place in an inappropriate place and time.

The Window by Hamidreza Saket, and CycLove by Seyyed Emad Karimifard are two of the animations.

Also included are Win and Lose by Mohammad-Sadeq Hosseinpur, Tears of Rain by Esmaeil Abbasi, On the Cover by Yeganeh Moqaddam and Cinderella by Ali Adil. 

The Window depicts a boy in the dark of the day who suddenly celebrates his birthday.

CycLove shows a young boy who is struggling to come back to his mistress. But towards the end of his way, he becomes weary, and in the end, the girl returns.

Win and Lose tells the story of two boys from two countries who are involved in the war. They are volleyball players who play behind barbed wire. 

Tears of Rain depicts the confrontation between man, animals and nature. 

On the Cover is about a nature photographer who enters a forest, and to his surprise, all the animals begin to pop up in front of his camera just to have their image on the cover of a magazine. 

Cinderella talks about some issues of violence against women in three minutes.

The festival will be running until July 26.

Source: Tehran Times