The decision has been made based on an agreement between the UNICEF office in Tehran and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the organizers have announced.

All the features, mid-length and short films competing in the Iranian national section will be reviewed for the UNICEF award.

The films will be reviewed by a special committee under the supervision of Iranian actress Mahtab Keramati, who is also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

The director of the festival, Alireza Tabesh, the director of the UNICEF communications department in Iran, Bahareh Yeganefar, and Keramati discussed the details of the award in a session held at Iran’s Farabi Cinema Foundation last Tuesday.

“Collaboration with UNICEF can help achieve the goals of the festival leading to innovation in the children’s entertainment industry,” Tabesh said.

“This collaboration can continue throughout the years and develop further by organizing a number of events dedicated to children, helping the future of Iranian children to flourish,” he added.

Movies with children’s daily life concerns, realism and creativity in their screenplay will be reviewed for the UNICEF award.

The festival will be running in the central Iranian city of Isfahan from August 19 to 26.

Source: Tehran Times