The film is about two close friends. The reputation of one of them is in danger, so they need to figure out how to resolve this issue with each other’s help.

Sara and Aida won the best Asian film award at the 10th Jaipur International Film Festival in India in January 2018. 

The film is competing with eight other films, including The Pig by Dragomir Sholev from Romania, All Square by John Hyams from the U.S. and Let Me Introduce You to Sofia by Guido Chiesa from Italy. 

Chuskit by Priya Ramasubban from India, Saf by Ali Vatansever from Turkey, Happy Sad by Ibon Cormenzana from Spain and Little Secret by David Schurmann from Brazil are also among the films. 

The festival, which is dedicated to screening films with the main idea of chastity, love and loyalty in family relationships, will run until July 13.

Source: Tehran Times