Eaten about life in a mysterious and unknown planet by Mohsen Rezapur, and Black or White on a relationship between a zebra and a butterfly by Mohammad-Ali Soleimanzadeh will be screened in the short film competition.

The section also features The Rabbit Hunter by Mohammad-Amin Kamali about a rabbit Hunter who finds himself injured in a large cave, and Mr. Deer by Mojtaba Musavi about a group of people with animal faces in a nowhere land who have forgotten humanity and ethics and they do not avoid sins.

The SICAF Kid category will screen Black Monster by Reyhaneh Kavosh and Ali Raeis about an old woman who dreams of having a son, Son of the Sea by Abbas Jalali-Yekta on a man who lives in a house with his wife and the illusion of their son on the wall, and The Incomplete by Erfan Parsapur on a hungry but perfectionist and obsessive otter.

I Have Two Loves, a music video about Paris and France by Mohammad Mohammadian, will go on screen in the Online and Commissioned category.

Korean director Hong Sung-ho’s fairy tale Red Shoes about seven dwarfs who were once fabulous seven princes will open the festival on July 17.

The SICAF, an international event that specializes in animation representing Asia, will run for five days. 

Source: Tehran Times