Double directed by Ronak Jafari is contending for an award in the International Fiction section.

No One Believes Me but the Police Are Chasing a Wrong Man by Ata Mojabi, The Drip by Marjan Hashemi, and The Woman behind the Window by Kurosh Shirali have been selected to compete in the category.

All That’s Missing by Zeinab Tabrizi is competing in the International Non-Fiction section.

The documentary is about Mahnaz and Jamileh, both of whom are diagnosed with breast cancer. After a long battle with the disease, Mahnaz passes away, while Jamileh fully recovers. Jamileh begins to attend charities and other breast cancer awareness efforts, while Mahnaz narrates the movie along with Jamileh’s struggles.

The festival will come to an end on June 26 by announcing winners.

Source:Tehran Times