The nominees are competing in different categories including best film, director, actor, actress, screenplay, editing, music, stage design and several more, the Iranian House of Cinema as the organizer of the event announced on Sunday. 

The nominees for best film are “No Date, No Signature” (producer Ali Jalilvand), “Damascus Time” (Mohammad Khazaei), “The Pig” (Mani Haqiqi), “I Am Not Angry” (Reza Dormishian), and “Ferrari” (Jahangir Kowsari).

The best director nominees are Asghar Yusefinejad for the film “The Home”, Vahid Jalilvand “No Date, No Signature”, Ebrahim Hatamikia “Damascus Time”, Fereidun Jeirani “Asphyxia”, Mani Haqiqi “The Pig” and Reza Dormishian “I Am Not Angry”.

Mohadesseh Heirat “The Home”, Shabnam Moqaddami “Don’t Feel Shy”, Elnaz Shakerdust “Asphyxia”, Fereshteh Hosseini “Parting”, Ghazal Shakeri “Sara and Aida” and Zahra Davudnejad “No. 17 Soheila” are the nominees for the best actress.

The nominees for best actor are Amir Aqai “No Date, No Signature”, Navid Mohammadzadeh “Asphyxia” and “I Am Not Angry” , Hassan Majuni “The Pig”, and Hamed Behdad “Blockage”.

The Iranian House of Cinema organizes the celebration every year to commemorate Iran’s National Day of Cinema, which is September 12 this year.

However, they have canceled the award ceremony of the celebration due to the current economic climate in the country.

Source: Tehran Times