Nine Iranian animations are scheduled to vie at the the 13th edition of Athens Animfest to be held in March 2018. This edition of the international competition will take place from March 15th to 18th.

The following is the list of Iranian works picked to compete at the event with the names of directors and the run lengths:

Run Rostam Run (Bodo Rostam Bodo), by Hossein Molayemi, Iran, 11:37

The Train, by Javad Matouri, Iran, 02:30

Alphabet, by kianoush abedi, Iran, 05:55

Blows With The Wind, by Hazhir As'adi, Iran, 06:30

Empty View, by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, Iran, 18:06

Genesis, by Abtin Mozafari, Iran, 10:32

Kitchen Dreams, by Arvin Medghalchi, Iran, 14:23

The Stronger Ones (an Animatic Film), by Miranda Pla, United States of America, 09:27

Wuthering Heights, by Shirin Ashtari, Iran, 07:30

Source: Mehr News