He will be on the Asian Film Competition panel with Indian filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli, Norwegian film distributor Age Hoffart and American entertainment publicist Gary Springer.

Amir-Yusefi’s debut film “Bitter Dream” won the Golden Camera Award at Cannes in 2004.

The Dhaka festival screen a lineup of 30 Iranian movies in various sections.

Among the films are “Asphyxia” by    Fereidun Jeirani, “Searing Summer” by Ebrahim Irajzad, “Kupal” by Kazem Mollai, “Subdued” by Hamid Nematollah and “Untaken Paths” by Tahmineh Milani. 

Also included are “Israfil” by Ida Panahandeh, “The Villa Tenants” by Monir Qeidi, “The End of Dreams” by Mohammad-Ali Talebi, “A157” by Behruz Nuranipur and “White Bridge” by Ali Qavitan.

Source: Tehran Times