“Parting”, a joint production of Iran and Afghanistan by Navid Mahmudi was picked as the best film, while “Overruled” by codirected Farnaz and Mohammadreza Jurabchian from Iran won the award for best international documentary.

“Parting” tells the story of teenage lovers Nabi and Fereshteh who are separated by her family’s flight from Afghanistan. After years apart, Nabi decides to find Fereshteh and risk the hardships of flight and resettlement in Europe with a hope of a better life.

“Overruled” is about the lives of some young Afghan refugees in Iran. They work as ball boys in tennis clubs in Tehran, so they have learned how to play tennis. But the problem is they are not accepted in this society in any way and will always remain as outsiders.

Other Iranian film “The Shade” by Parham Keivani also went on screen during the festival.

Source:Tehran Times