‘Autumn Memories’ is a joint product of Iran, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Its shooting began in October 2015 in Ukraine and it has been entirely shot outside Iran, Mehr News Agency reported.

It is an anti-war love story depicting the story of a girl whose home and family have been attacked by terrorist groups. As a person who has experienced displacement, blindness and loss of speech, she can ultimately find peace and love in another part of the world along with people who also are affected by war.

The film was shown at the 35th Fajr Film Festival in February. Cast includes Nazanin Ahmadi Shahpourabady, Aleksandr Ignatusha, Galyna Karpin, Oleksa Kravchuk, Dmytro Linartovych, Nazar Regush, Oleksandr Vakulyuk and Olga Voytanovich.

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Source: Financial Tribune